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The INSPIRE story 

At Inspire, we always put our clients first. Why? For the simple fact that we are a family based business. 

Meet our owner Kodie. Kodie has successfully climbed his way to the top starting off as just an apprentice and quickly climbing his way to the top with nothing but hardwork and dedication. Previous bosses always told him how he was one of the best because he cares about the work hes doing. So much so that he was offered to be a head manager but turned it down because he enjoys being in the field and watching his work come to life.

 Growing up, he fell in love with building things and seeing transformations happen. He explains that one of the greatest feelings is completing a renovation and seeing the before and after come to life. Within the past few years, he has taken his skill & learned to master his craft all while finding the most proficient way to do things. He has transformed endless amounts of kitchens and bathrooms. 

What stands out to us about Kodie is that he came from a little ol' town on the Big Island Of Hawaii where there are not many opportunities for a young boy coming from nothing. If you know Kodie, you would have never guessed this is where he'd be in life. Owning his own company, would have never been a thought. He took his dream and made it reality.
He chose Inspire Home Renovations LLC. because he wants to keep inspiring. To keep pushing for his son, his brothers, his dad and his angel watching from above. In Kodie's words "You could say I've found my calling in life. Sky is the limit boys, we did it. I was meant to overcome every thing meant to destroy me and turn me into a statistic. If I can, so can you. Dont lose focus of the dream"  


As a family owned business you will be working directly with Taelyn and Kodie. We are the owners of Inspire Home Renovations and we are also husband and wife. Unlike many other corporate companies, we will take care of you every step of the way and guide you through the whole process and answering any questions you may have.